Township questions?: Frigate About It!

There are many different levels of government, and I, personally, have always struggled with the concept of townships. For example, how did they come to be? What purpose do they serve? As a real estate agent, you are tested on various methods used for surveying land, and I learned some great facts about townships which I am going to share here. I am also going to give some basic examples of township oversight and uses in today's world.

Townships were created to serve as one of the methods used to identify areas of land within the United States. The process of drawing up the townships began before the year 1800 as a part of the US Public Land Survey and led to the creation of local governments. Townships were drawn to cover an area of 36 square miles (i.e. 6 miles on each side). These entities were created within 20 states, including the states typically considered "Northeastern" or "Midwestern". In fact, in the Midwest, township governments were commonly formed before statehood was gained.

(It's a good idea to stay informed about township activities, huh?)
Over 21% of My Winter 2021 Property Taxes Went to the Township for Services

In addition to describing areas - and being used in the legal descriptions for properties in the case of buying and selling, for example - townships serve a number of purposes. The township boards are made up of elected officials who serve a four-year term. Townships serve as a local taxing authority, responsible for much maintenance and development within the area they are located. They typically have oversight for township halls (which often serve as local government meeting locations or polling spots), libraries, fire departments, law enforcement, parks and other services under their areas of responsibility.

Depending on your definition of Eastern Greater Lansing, some of the townships located within it are Bath, Meridian, Williamston, Alaiedon and Wheatland. Michigan Townships Association is a great resource if you would like more information about townships ( And if you are interested in buying or selling a home within these townships, and are looking for a realtor focused on these areas, fill out my contact form in the Contact page of my website.

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