Should your real estate agent be your homie?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Let's face it: Buying or selling a home is tough. Among other things, there are the financial factors, the logistics of moving to orchestrate, worrying whether you made the right decision and the stress of negotiations. With all of that to consider, how important is it to actually like your real estate agent and have synergy between the two of you?

The truth of the matter is, over the course of a real estate transaction, you are going to be spending A LOT of time with your real estate agent. If they are doing their job well, they are going to learn a lot about you during that time - and, make no mistake - it will be A LOT OF TIME spent together! So, it stands to reason that you should at least be able to tolerate the person with whom you have entered into a contract. However, more importantly, there should be some foundation for understanding between the two of you. For example, if they are a broad strokes person, and you like to dig into every detail, you might always feel like you are hounding them to get you more information, and they might be annoyed by your questions. If they are constantly cheerful and upbeat, but you are more mellow and reserved, you might find their demeanor annoying after hours of house tours. Or, what if you are a person who is hesitant to speak up and rely on people to sense when you are holding back, but your realtor is a person who can't detect that?

Another thing that I don't think clients consider is that their agent WANTS to work with people they click with. I was specifically thinking of myself with the last example in the paragraph above, as I need people to be transparent and talk through their thoughts with me. Most importantly, I want to work with clients who will appreciate me: It would be a sad work environment for me not to be appreciated for my efficiency and straightforward approach. Or worse - to have a client who even detested it!

If you think about it, finding an agent with a similar style, especially in the area of communication, could save a lot of time and possibly prevent mistakes being made over the course of your real estate transaction. In life, with the people who you see every day, you occasionally have misunderstandings around conversations which were had. And the more your realtor's style differs from your own, the more likely that same thing is to happen.

Bottom line: Clients and their agents don't have to be twinsies (or homies!). But, to guarantee the best outcome, you should be comfortable together and have a good foundation for effective conversations between you. And a good real estate agent won't be offended if you let them know you are looking for that up front.

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